Because we truly value our clients and our couples in the community planning their big day, we are providing some tips to help relieve some of the stress and anxiety couples may be feeling right now.

We have put together a short guide to help answer some of your questions and to hopefully, put some of your concerns to rest. Here’s what you should expect going forward while planning your wedding during this time.

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOUR WEDDING AND WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOW? First and foremost, try to stay calm and keep yourself informed. As of March 16th, 2020 Governor Kate Brown has announced new rules to help stop the spread of the virus by mandating “social distancing”.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Related to large assemblies, all gatherings over 10 people are to be canceled statewide, effective immediately, for eight weeks. A gathering is defined as “any event in a space in which appropriate social distancing of a minimum of six feet cannot be maintained”. As of the time of this email, the ban on assembly will remain in effect until May 16h, 2020.


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WHAT TO DO NEXT: Reschedule your event. [READ MORE HERE]

5 Steps to Reschedule Your Event:

1.) Have a family discussion on whether to reschedule for this year or next.

2.) Decide to keep the event the same or change it in some way. Will you reschedule to later this year or move to 2021?

3.) Reach out to your venue (CC your planning team on this email) and share your decision to reschedule. Ask for new date options available. Or if you have a planner, completely let your planner take over this responsibility. 

4.) Pick a new date/time. Take a deep breath and immediately feel relief. 

5.) Email all your vendors sharing your decision to reschedule and what your new date (CC your planning team on this email). Let them know that you will reach out to them with the new date. As a courtesy and convenience, try to keep all vendors in your event informed on ONE email.

Initialize the reschedule email with your venue and address your vendors, then if you have a planner they can take over the correspondence to your group of vendors from here, or completely let your planner take over this responsibility.

IS YOUR EVENT AFTER MAY 16? WHAT IS YOUR BACKUP PLAN + CONSIDERING RESCHEDULE: Regardless of the size of your wedding, or if it's in the next 8 weeks or not, have a family discussion about a “Plan B”. It never hurts to have a fully agreed upon and vetted Plan B regarding rescheduling. Ask yourself: What would our plan be if it became absolutely necessary that we reschedule?

At Luxe, we always have contingency plans in place in advance of an event. While usually weather-related Plan B's, we have all the labor related backup plans already in place, so if our clients do reschedule, we will be there for our clients, no differently than we are here for them now.

SHOULD YOU BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS AND CANCEL OR POSTPONE YOUR EVENT LATER IN THE YEAR? It is completely up to you and your families to make the decision on whether to move forward with your event, change the date, or completely cancel the event. We advise you to what feels right and makes you and your entire party feel safest. If you are planning an event in May-August of 2020 our professional opinion is that you should be vetting out your "Plan B" right now -just in case!

WHAT ABOUT MY INSURANCE? Be forewarned, we have done our fact checking and sadly many insurance companies are NOT covering the virus and many are also not granting any more same day event insurance due to COVID-19. If you have already purchased a policy our advise it to check in with your company and see what your coverage will actually cover.

If you cancel your event just for being cautious they will not cover you, rather if you go ahead with your event and there is damages or bodily harm then this is what is covered -you are not covered if someone gets sick at your event.

Lastly, regarding any and all further questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly, our office number and info is in our CONTACT PAGE.

As we all navigate this dynamic and ever-changing situation, we will share any new information we receive that we feel may be pertinent to you and your planning. We believe it is in challenging times like these that the power of hospitality is needed most of all. Please take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

We look forward to continuing to create magic with you!
Misty & Team