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Our strategy? Nailing your unique vibe with high profile, highly photographable and intentionally curated designs that build up to a weekend finale you won’t forget.

We turn what feels like complex logistics into a smooth (and relaxed) ride, whether you're on the slopes of Bald Mt., on a rooftop in Seattle or Oregon's wine country.

Our mission? Capture the essence of every location.

For couples who want to level up their day in a big way

Dynamic & 
   Intentional  Design


We design curated parties for the modern couple who craves both high-end and heartfelt experience not only for themselves but for all their guests, Team Luxe delivers, everytime!

High-end weddings with a guest experience like no other...


we proudly donate monthly to both the HRC & ACLU Foundation

we proudly donate monthly to both the HRC & ACLU Foundation

Place a $500 deposit now for your your event and lock in our current rates!

Our calendar books up fast!

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Place your deposit NOW & lock in our current rates

Getting married next year? 2025, 2026?
It's never too early to "claim your date" on your planner's calendar, it ensures you get your first pick!

Hiring a wedding planner and booking your venue (solidifiying that date!) come first in the planning process.

Don't have a venue? Not at all sure where to start? Contact us, we can tell you what to do first, who to hire and when. Our planning team can lead you through...

All we require is a $500 deposit and we can get started on the venue search and custom checklist to get you started.

You and your partner have full-time jobs and have never planned a wedding before...

Does this sound familiar?

Our team is really sharp and uber style-centric implementing eclectic and highly-styled concept ideas personalized for each event: sure to get you blogged, pinned, regrammed and trending.

As individuals, we are known for our unique style, authenticity, passion, work ethic, and experience.


"the perfect wedding day"

Misty, created the perfect wedding day for and we could not have been happier!

Misty helped to keep us organized, on top of vendors, save-the-dates/invites, etc. She also crafted together a design which reflected our own tastes, even if we weren't able to express what our tastes exactly were.

Best part: on the day of, we were completely relaxed and were able to just sit back and enjoy the event. No cleaning up, no worrying about timelines, etc.

"badass, compassionate, warm"

The Luxe team took care of us throughout our year of working together. I had no idea the amount of work that went into putting a wedding together, but I never felt overwhelmed or lost, because they did such a good job of breaking it all down and making the process FUN!

There was no better moment than pulling up to the venue the day of our wedding and seeing all of the incredibly hard work we had done come to life.

These women are badass, compassionate, warm, wonderful rockstars, who will make sure you have the day of your dreams.


Working with Luxe Productions was the best choice we could have ever made for our wedding.

Brooke, Misty, and team are incredible! They will give you the wedding of your dreams all while being extremely responsive, authentic, and professional.

We cannot wait to use Luxe again in the future for other events! We love you guys! Thank you for an amazing experience!!!

"luxe, synonymous with weddings"

Luxe Productions should be synonymous with weddings! They came highly recommended to us, and everyone we know that has worked with them has showered praise on their team.

Their vendor connections and recommendations and plug into the wedding industry is unparalleled.

If you are fielding other options, don't. Just meet with any of their staff, and you will feel that sense of ease and comfort that we felt when we hired them!

"Best in the business!"

After our initial consult with Brooke, my mom and I were blown away with Brooke’s attention to detail, warm (but no-nonsense!) personality, and excitement to create something magical and classic but ultimately, unique and edgy.

The vision for our wedding was a celestial theme, and  homage to Chicago; Brooke knew EXACTLY how to execute this vision while keeping everything elegant and irreverent and NOT campy.

The day of,  Misty, the owner of Luxe, hand delivered lunch and snacks to the both halves of the bridal party. I really had the most magical night of my entire life

"Forever thankful"

We are out of towners, but had a specific list of details we wanted. Their coordination and recommendations created an atmosphere that was beyond words.

Luxe has weddings and events in Portland on lock! This was reiterated when we spoke to all of our vendors who echoed our sentiment "we love working with Luxe!!"

Luxe took the time to really get to know us, and when were finally met in person (months into the process) it's as if we'd been friends all along.

"You found your planner!"

You can stop right now, you have found your wedding planners! The Luxe team was absolutely phenomenal and we could not be more thrilled with how they navigated the planning process and the “day of.”

They were worth the investment 100% and for any folks getting married (or throwing an event) there is no better team than Luxe!

"Best babes for your big day"

We hired Luxe for my wedding for the Day-of coordination, which is my first regret. If budget wasn’t an issue, I would’ve hired them to do full service planning.

I had to plan an extremely large wedding (400+) in Portland from Texas with a notoriously critical family, but they made it easy for me.

Last thing about Luxe, if you are questioning whether you want the “end of the night” package, don’t even hesitate. It is your wedding day, and your family and guests are there to celebrate you, not to clean up the little details. 

Can you help us find and book vendors like photographers, caterers, and florists? Absolutely! We know who to hire, when to hire them and where to find them.

How far in advance should we hire a wedding planner? It’s most helpful to hire your wedding planning team when you book your venue or immediately before or after.

Do you collaborate with couples of all gender identities and orientations, including same-sex, queer, and LGBTQ couples? Renowned for our commitment to LGBTQ weddings, we proudly demonstrate our support for LGBTQ communities by donating a portion of our proceeds to esteemed organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU. We stand as the top choice for same-sex and LGBTQ wedding planning couples, dedicated to ensuring every love story is celebrated with pride and equality.

How much do you charge? All our rates are listed on our website and are considered “Flat Rates” -meaning they do not scale up or down.

What is a full-service wedding planner, and what services do you offer?
A full-service wedding planner is a professional who offers comprehensive assistance and support to couples throughout the entire wedding planning process, from the initial stages of conceptualization to the execution of the wedding day itself. Our team’s primary objective is to ensure that our client’s vision for their wedding day is brought to life seamlessly and stress-free.

You don't know what you don't know, so let us explain.

Can you help us find and secure our wedding venue? We absolutely can, we have the insight into where to find venues you may not be able to find on your own with just a google search.

Do you work with a specific list of preferred vendors, or can we choose our own? We have a vetted and curated list of creative partners, however we love working with new vendors and you can hire whomever you like and see as your best fit.

Do you offer design and décor services as part of your package? YES! This is the fun part, each of our offering focuses on the design and decor details, no matter whether you hire us for partial planning/ day of or full service. Each package includes design and styling!

What is your approach to managing unexpected issues or emergencies during the wedding? Ultimately, our approach to managing unexpected issues is rooted in our experience, preparation, effective communication, and the ability to make quick and informed decisions. Our goal is to ensure that our client’s wedding day is as seamless and stress-free as possible, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

How do you handle wedding timelines and logistics? In essence, we act as the logistical conductor of your entire wedding day, ensuring that all elements come together seamlessly. Our 15 years of expertise, attention to detail, and ability to handle unexpected situations contribute to a stress-free and well-executed wedding celebration for not only our client but also their guests.

Can you share examples of weddings you've planned in the past? We don't maintain a traditional portfolio; instead, you can explore a diverse array of our clients' event experiences on our website and social media. It's important to note that each wedding we curate is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the couple's vision and preferences, tailored to their budget and choices. Our role is to seamlessly align their dream wedding with their budgetary considerations, resulting in a truly unique and personalized celebration every time!

How do you handle communication with clients? We utilize a multi-channel communication approach, combining cloud-based project management software for organized planning, design and updates, email for detailed discussions and documentation, phone for immediate and personal conversations, and social media for sharing inspirational ideas and staying connected with clients in a more informal and interactive manner. This diverse communication strategy ensures that clients receive tailored, efficient, and accessible support throughout the wedding planning journey.

What is your cancellation policy? In the event that the client is forced to change the date of the wedding, every effort will be made by Luxe Event Productions to transfer location reservations, sub-contractors, and Luxe Event Productions support to the new date. If, in the event of a date change, the Client's new date is within the same year as originally contracted of the Client's original date, there will be no fee to change the date. If, however, the Client’s new date in the following calendar year of the Client’s original date, the Client will be assessed a fee of $100 per month for each additional month beyond the clients original date.

Do you offer different wedding planning packages, and what is included in each? We offer multiple planning packages ranging from a smaller 8 hour “day of/ partial planning” option to a 10+ hour full service planning package with additional alacarte add on services to customize your day. Each offering is listed in detail on our wedding planning pages.

Can you assist with destination weddings or weddings in unique venues? Absolutely! It’s what we are known for!

How do you handle cultural or religious elements in weddings? Our wedding planning team respectfully and inclusively incorporates cultural or religious elements into weddings by working closely with the couple and their chosen clergy or cultural advisors. We facilitate discussions, research, and coordination to ensure that customs, rituals, and traditions are integrated into their wedding, fostering a meaningful and culturally rich experience for our clients and their guests while respecting their beliefs and heritage.

How many weddings do you typically handle in a year? Our company, operating across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, successfully orchestrates more than 100 weddings annually.

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