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10 Mother’s Day Gifts and Ideas for Social Distancing

  1. ALONE TIME. Let her be. Truly be alone. Block out as long as she wants to just be by herself, and not alone to grocery shop. But alone to take a hot bath, extra time for self care, a walk with a good audio book or just a nap.
  2. FLORAL LOVE: Deck out her front door, porch or back deck. When you swing by to drop off her card or gift take some extra time to hang a pretty seasonal wreath or add potted floral to her doorstep.
  3. TAKE A CLASS TOGETHER: Take an online cooking class. We’re quickly realizing we can do a lot more things online then we ever knew -or tried. This year why not take a virtual cooking class together. The whole family can get involved.
  4. MOVIE NIGHT: With theaters closed the box office has literally moved to your home screen for viewing. Grab the popcorn and share a flick. Whether it a new blockbuster or a classic film a movie day/night is easier now than ever before to enjoy alone but together.
  5. HOME SPA: Mani + Pedicure/ create an at home spa basket. Not many moms would say no to a mani and pedi right about now. Maybe toes aren’t your thing? Make mom an at home spa day gift basket with Epsom salts and at home manicure tools!.
  6. PICNIC IN WIDE OPEN SPACES: Picnic in the backyard/ Tailgate party in the driveway. The best way to support social distancing is to be outside in wide open spaces so have a picnic or a tailgate party in your drive way if you don’t have a backyard.
  7. BRUNCH: Virtual brunch or at home brunch. Brunch will always be the go-to Mother’s Day thing, we have socialized our society to believe this is THE Mother’s day thing to do…so have one at home. Get creative with brunch items, try something new and server you momma bunch, remember the champagne!
  8. MAKE SOMETHING: Create a custom photo book and take a walk down memory lane/ slide show, etc. Nothing brings those sweet childhood memories back quite like a photo trip down memory lane. There are countless apps to use that will pull hashtags and social media photos together to create a photo book or digital album.
  9. GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: Buy her a fitbit for her walks or book of the month club -the gifts that keep on giving!

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