10 Pro Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Reception, Without Breaking the Bank

10 Tips For Decorating Your Wedding Reception without Breaking the Bank

From Instagram to Hashtag following to Pinterest, wedding planning can appear more complicated (and expensive) than ever before. So many ideas, so many people posting their “pinterest-worthy” I do’s, it’s no wonder we have created a perceived idea that weddings on Instagram are perfect and must be super expensive.

When it comes to wedding decor, the ideas and the amount of money it actually takes to pull off a insta and pinterest-worthy even can feel overwhelming and almost unattainable, unless you are a celebrity or pro athlete. With creative solutions, out of the box ideas and focusing on the atmosphere and “feel” of the event rather than the layers and details, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that a instagrammable wedding [in budget] are actually easier than you may first think.

Here are our favorite Pro Tips that are sure to bring your vision to life.

Items from around your home or the home of your families.

Accent chairs, bar carts, framed family photos, wall hangings, room dividers, poufs, pillows, ottomans, blankets and even sofas…are all things we have used, seen and can be easily transported without a rental van. Take a look around your home for items to add texture, layers and interest.

2. Use a ton of candles. [light is the key]

While candles can get expensive if not purchased in bulk, never underestimate the transformation of light. Lighting is and always will be the most cost effective way to transform a space. Low lighting, specifically has the power to create an atmosphere that feels warm and intimate. Candles in multiples, various sizes and heights add visual interest to your event for a low cost.

3. Repurpose your ceremony décor.

Reuse as much as possible when it comes to your décor. Repurpose décor elements throughout your day is a major money saver. From Bridesmaids bouquets used on the cake table or lounge vignette end tables to ceremony décor or aisle décor used as bar and food table décor elements.

4. Think beyond floral for centerpieces

Floral seems like the obvious choice, however it’s the most expensive in some cases. Trying to keep a tighter budget, opt for non floral centerpieces, from books to photos and even greenery.

5. Install + hang lighting everywhere.

Bistro lighting, twinkle lights, market lights, Christmas lights -all the same thing and they add huge impact at a low cost to any event, indoor or outdoor.

6. Rent! Rent! Rent!

We can’t stress this idea enough! Rent everything, it is by no way “cheaper” in the long run to buy your wedding décor, unless you plan to use it in your home as home décor after. RENT EVERYTHING! From furniture to linens to champagne buckets.

7. Use seasonal greenery to cover everything.

Our team has more outdoor and warehouse (big open spaces) events than anything else, and one thing we have found that can soften any hard space or line, is greenery! We hang it and wrap it around every pole, wall, tent gutter and rafter we have. Seasonal greenery can be cost effective and have a big impact on your overall design.

8. Chairs, they are seen in every photo.

Chairs. Chairs. Chairs. Yes, while sometimes the ones you really want are super costly -they have a MAJOR IMPACT and if you are going to splurge on something, we say chairs should be one of them. Frankly, because they are nearly seen in every single reception photo, from the distance, up close and in the mix!

9. Buy and borrow second hand.

If you’re planning to DIY, or just looking for extra layers of decor, buying second hand items or borrowing from friends and family interiors can really save and bring unique items to your design.

10. Be strategic with statement pieces.

When you think “statement pieces” think of places in your event that you will be taking photos in front of more than others. Cake/dessert table, altar, head table/sweetheart table, escort card table/area or above the bar, consider focusing your decor money in these areas as they are the most seen, the most photographed and the most memories are created from.

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