How to Have a Snowy Winter Wedding in Sun Valley Idaho, During Ski Season

10 Tips on the Ultimate Guide on How to Have a Snowy Winter Wedding in Sun Valley Idaho, During Ski Season.

Ready to make your Sun Valley, Idaho, ski season celebration legendary?

1. Pick a Snowy Date:
Aim for a date in the heart of ski season, like December through February. Check the vibes with local spots to snag that perfect date.

2. Venue Vibes:
Look for a place that screams winter wonderland. Think mountain lodges with Insta-worthy views or spots with a lot of windows to showcase the serene snowy landscape. Think mountain lodges with epic views, like Sun Valley Resort or Trail Creek Cabin.

How to Have a Snowy Winter Wedding in Sun Valley Idaho, During Ski Season

3. Winter Aesthetic Goals:
Dive into the winter wonderland aesthetic for your decor. Embrace those frosty vibes in your with snowflakes, pinecones, and evergreens in cool whites, silvers, deep pine greens and icy blues.

4. Dress to Impress, Winter Style:
Bundle up in style—faux fur stoles, trendy shawls, and chic boots. Use gloves as your accessory and give your wedding party matching sets. Grooms, flex in that winter-ready suit and include a scarf and over coat.

5. Arrive in Winter Wheels:
Plan a grand entrance with winter wheels. Imagine horse-drawn sleighs or vintage snowcats for that Insta-worthy arrival.

6. Winter Crew Activities:
Get the crew involved in winter fun. Hit the slopes for skiing, snowboarding, snowball fight, inner-tubbing, fireside cocktails or a cozy sleigh ride. Make it a weekend to remember.

7. Warm Sips and Tasty Bites:
Keep everyone toasty with hot cocoa, mulled wine, or hot cider. Craft a menu with comfort food for those cozy vibes.

8. Insta-Worthy Moments:
Snowy landscapes are a dream for photos. Coordinate with your photographer for those magical winter shots. Golden hour pics? Absolutely.

9. Weather Backup Plan:
Mother Nature is unpredictable. Have a backup plan—indoor venue or a heated tent—just in case. Flexibility is the key to success.

10. Chic Invitations with a Winter Twist:
Set the tone with invites that capture the essence of winter chic. Think snowflakes, frosty details, and an overall stylish vibe that reflects the magical atmosphere of your Sun Valley, Idaho, ski season celebration. Whether it’s through elegant typography or cool color schemes, make those invitations a sneak peek into the chic winter wonderland your wedding promises to be.

Link up with local vendors who know the winter wedding game, and you’ll be on your way to a flawless celebration. Best of luck, and may your winter wedding be the talk of the town! ❄️💍✨

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