How to Reschedule Your Wedding or Event due to COVID-19

This week we got the news we were praying we would never get…The CDC mandate of event postponing to slow the spread of COVID-19 and will suspend all events on our docket for at least the next 8 weeks (until May 16). If your event is within this time our hearts and support are with you. We can’t even imagine what stress and sadness this brings to you and your families during this time. Wish we could give you a big hug and say it was all a bad dream…

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You can find more information regarding the CDC recommendation + Gov. Brown’s mandate HERE and HERE.

WHAT NOW? For us, this means working from home. I have closed our office and have suspended all in-person meetings for the next 8 weeks.

We are taking every precaution to ensure our team’s safety and all meetings will be moved to conference calls or rescheduled for a later date. We are not closing down; just working from home like the rest of the country.

If you are planning an event between now until May 16, you unfortunately will need to reschedule. Don’t let this get you down, your are not cancelling your day, just rescheduling it to a different date. The entire country is forced to reschedule events and group assembly. Some people are really panicking and for good reason, some don’t have money for food without working every day. While this is heart crushing and the unknown is scary, postponing your event for later in the year or even move it to next year is the easiest way to avoid any further stress and to truly enjoy the event you planned and for you to get back to the reason you were planning the event in the first place.

Rescheduling your event doesn’t have to be hard and once you do it you will feel immediate relief. Rescheduling costs nothing on our end if you are a client of ours but if you are not know that most all the industry pros I know are waiving fees and just grateful to keep your business.

If you need to reschedule your event, here are the suggested steps below.

Luxe Founder, Misty Damico, LIVE on KATU’s Afternoon LIVE discusses the steps of how to reschedule your event.

How to reschedule your event due to COVID-19

5 STEPS TO RESCHEDULE YOUR EVENT: 1. Have a family discussion on whether to reschedule for this year or next.

2. Decide to keep the event the same or change it in some way.

3. Reach out to your venue (CC your planning team on this email) and share your decision to reschedule. Ask for new date options available.

4. Pick a new date/time.

5. Email all your vendors sharing your decision to reschedule and what your new date (CC your planning team on this email). Let them know that you will reach out to them with the new date. As a courtesy and convenience, try to keep all vendors in your event informed on ONE email.  Initialize the reschedule email with your venue and address your vendors, then we (your planning team) can take over the correspondence to your group of vendors from here.

Know we are all in this together and we are here for you! CONTACT US, LET US HELP. No charge to reach out and ask questions. Let us help lead you through your steps to postpone and reschedule. We are here for not only our clients but all who have an event affected by the social distancing bans.

What can it hurt to get some support. We are all in this together and if we can provide even the littlest bit of stress relief, let us!

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